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Euro Medical Care

For the global community

Euro Medical Care (EMC) is committed to helping patients who live abroad connect with the world-class medical care available in Germany. Based in Berlin, EMC maintains primary professional relationships with a number of the country’s top medical institutions and clinicians. Beyond mediating between foreign residents and German medical practitioners, EMC specialises in designing bespoke patient service packages covering everything from visa applications and travel planning to extended therapies and wellness services for patients and family alike.

Our clients are chiefly Arabic-speakers from the Middle East and North Africa who recognise the world-leading quality of medical care on offer in Germany. Our clients are accustomed to travelling with their families during clinical or hospital stays. In light of these specifics, EMC has developed complete, multilingual support packages that extend from professional medical mediation to on-site hospitality and concierge services.

For us at EMC, our mission is the qualified exchange of communication between foreign clients and domestic clinicians. We also seek to enable the continued education of the medical service providers we work with so that we can better serve our global community of patients and clients. We work exclusively with Germany’s leading medical institutions and healthcare providers, including:

Charité Medical University Berlin

University Hospital Hamburg-Eppendorf

University Hospital Jena

University Hospital Cologne

University Hospital Frankfurt am Main

University Hospital Tübingen

Hospital of the University of Munich (KUM)

University Hospital Heidelberg

University Hospital Carl Gustav Carus Dresden

Our Philosophy

Our aim is your complete care.

Euro Medical Care’s mission is to provide our clients with complete medical services solutions at every stage along their journey towards recovery. Our philosophy embraces holistic care for mind, body, and soul, and the importance of support from friends, family, and professional networks. We believe that this approach enables the best possible healthcare outcomes for our clients.

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