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Patient Services

Everything you and your loved ones need for overseas medical care

Patient Services

Euro Medical Care GmbH acts as the interface between patients from all over the world and the top-flight medical care offered by German hospitals and clinics. Because we are in constant contact with leaders in the medical field, we know where to find the best medical experts employing the most effective treatments – but most importantly, we know how to match medical practitioners to our clients’ individual healthcare needs. Guaranteeing a constructive exchange between patients and overseas medical services is a central objective of our all-round patient service-centred approach.

Patients that are not German nationals benefit from Euro Medical Care’s expertise. We guarantee the shortest possible waiting times and speedy delivery of patient services and medical care. We offer a discreet on-call and on-site service characterised by complete transparency and reliability. Crucially, we are able to accompany you every step of the way on your journey to good health from the moment you reach out for help to the moment you return home.

This means, in the first instance, matching you and your needs to one of the many doctors and clinicians with whom we have a professional relationship. From there, we arrange an initial medical consultation in preparation for the first stages of treatment. We also arrange visas, transport (international and domestic flights as well as local transport), and accommodation that is convenient to your treatment centre. These patient services range from our basic service provision to special VIP options and are available for patients travelling alone or for patients travelling with family or supporting companions.

Patients travelling with family or companions are of particular importance to us: we believe that for best outcomes, patients need support from their loved ones. Not only is Euro Medical Care proud to be a part of each and every client’s support network, but we recognise the importance of providing a comfortable environment for a patient’s loved ones so they can better support those that are embarking on the path to recovery.

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